Posted in February 2011

Facebook tip – Control your Notifications

Notifications are messages that Facebook sends you when there has been some activity associated with your profile. Did you know you can control when Facebook sends you an e-mail notification? This can be helpful depending on how you use Facebook. Continue reading


Easy and healthy chicken stir-fry

I don’t generally cook meals during the week that take more than 1/2 hour to prepare. Kinda like Rachael Ray, I stick to 30-minute meals.  Actually I feel my life is more like an episode of  the Food Network show “Chopped” where the contestants have 30 minutes to prepare an entrée for three judges out … Continue reading

How I plan to learn WordPress

Here’s my game plan: I’m publishing blog posts once or twice a week and trying to utilize all of the features. I’m going through WordPress 3 Essential training at (I love Lynda, well worth the $25/month when you are learning something new) I’m reading the documentation here on I am following on … Continue reading

Pretty Good Brownies

These brownies were on the cover of Bon Appetit magazine with the proclamation “Best-Ever Brownies” and were taunting me from the moment the magazine arrived in my mailbox.  It is just not fair to publish a photo and statement like that on the cover just one month after the holiday season, when we’re all trying … Continue reading

Facebook for Old People

A few years ago I wrote up some Facebook instructions to give to friends.  I titled it “Facebook for Old People” noting that old in this case meant over 30 – basically, those of us who didn’t grow up as “digital natives”.  I wrote it after being asked by several friends and family members for … Continue reading