Call me Web Goddess

So for the past 11 years my day job has been as webmaster for the regional division of a large federal agency.  Webmaster – cool title, isn’t it? I am not sure how the term “webmaster” came about but it’s been around for at least as long as I’ve been involved with making web sites.

In my case I think web site manager might be a better title.  Webmaster does sound all powerful and knowing.  And I can tell you for sure I don’t know everything there is to know about web site design, development, and programming.  In fact I think I am more of a “jack of all trades, master of none”.   I do some design, some coding, some editing.  I work with two different content management systems and the behemoth called SharePoint.  I troubleshoot “why is this page broken”.  I train content authors and other “non-technical” people to mange and update their own web pages.

Here’s a page on that attempts to answer the question “What is a Webmaster” and its interesting to see the comments at the end. Everybody seems to have an opinion. There is really no questioning many other job titles.  You don’t hear a lot of people asking “What is a surgeon” or “What is a plumber”.

So, I’m not really sure if I’m a webmaster, web site manager, web programmer, web designer, web architect, or web site administrator.  Maybe all of those things, maybe none. I always joke at work that they should call me “Web Goddess” and I usually get a laugh or at least a polite chuckle in response.  They haven’t changed my title yet.  But I’ll keep asking anyway.