Facebook for Old People

A few years ago I wrote up some Facebook instructions to give to friends.  I titled it “Facebook for Old People” noting that old in this case meant over 30 – basically, those of us who didn’t grow up as “digital natives”.  I wrote it after being asked by several friends and family members for help with adjusting their Facebook privacy settings.  I actually helped one friend set up her Facebook account – she just didn’t feel confident to do it on her own.

Now, I don’t consider myself a Facebook expert, but to paraphrase my sister-in-law, I’m good at deciphering technical jargon into lazy lay persons terms.  Also I’m the kind of person who likes to poke around on websites and figure out how they work.  But after a while I found it impossible to keep up with Zuckerberg and crew’s constant changes.   I’d write up some instructions and they were obsolete in a few short weeks, so I gave up on the entire endeavor.

But my faithful readers (all two of them) have asked and therefore I intend to deliver!  So I will post some Facebook “tips and tricks” to my blog on a regular basis.

First tip – the first place to look for answers to your Facebook questions (if i’m not available) is the Facebook Help Center.  As is the case on many support sites, sometimes the help is not so helpful, as there is so much to cover and you may not find the right category for your question.  But this is where I’ve gone to help understand new features. Give it a try!