Pretty Good Brownies

These brownies were on the cover of Bon Appetit magazine with the proclamation “Best-Ever Brownies” and were taunting me from the moment the magazine arrived in my mailbox.  It is just not fair to publish a photo and statement like that on the cover just one month after the holiday season, when we’re all trying to eat more healthfully.  There should be a picture of salad on the cover! But I suspect that would not sell as many copies on the newsstands.  I made them and they did look just like the ones from the cover:

Cocoa Brownies

I am definately a brownie fan.  I don’t have a preference, I’ll take them fudgy, cakey, with nuts, or no nuts, marbled, frosted….it’s all good.  We always have a box of brownie mix on hand for last minute brownie emergencies.  But I do like to make them from scratch too when time allows.  I’ve made these “Best-ever Brownies” twice now, and while I will not call them the best I’ve ever had, they were pretty darned good.  Really the best part is that all the ingredients are usually things I have on hand, and you only use one pot and a few measuring cups so it’s an easy clean-up.  They are very chocolaty and not overly sweet, which I like.

I generally don’t put nuts in my brownies because the kiddo doesn’t like them, but these seem like they did benefit from the crunch of the nuts to offset the fudginess.   Perhpas the nuts plus the dark chocolate don’t appeal as much to kids – but that’s okay, more for me to enjoy!

Give them a try – recipe here.


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