How I plan to learn WordPress

Here’s my game plan:

  • I’m publishing blog posts once or twice a week and trying to utilize all of the features.
  • I’m going through WordPress 3 Essential training at (I love Lynda, well worth the $25/month when you are learning something new)
  • I’m reading the documentation here on
  • I am following on Twitter. Just read about commenting etiquette. Good to know.
  • I should mention that what got the ball rolling was attending a recent webinar, WordPress for Government blogs and microsites.  Web Manager University is a good source of information and the presenter, Kristy Fifleski (“GovGirl“) seems to know her stuff.

Well that’s probably good for a start.


4 thoughts on “How I plan to learn WordPress

  1. Hi Jean,

    I hope you’re having fun learning WordPress. I’ve been working with it for a couple of years now as a web designer and I really do love it and continue to learn more all the time. If you’re still looking for additional learning tools, I have some DIY Web Guides on Building & Managing Your Own WordPress Site ( and a coupon that’s good through 2/28, for $10 off the combo pack: GETEM2011.

    I’m curious to know how you’re finding the WP tutorials? I’ve never used them…

    Wishing you ease and fun in your WP adventures!

    Lisa 😀

    • Thanks Lisa I will check out your site! I have found the lynda tutorial helpful so far as a beginner on wordpress – some of it is pretty basic but have learned a few tips that I probably wouldn’t have stumbled upon.

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