Posted in March 2011

Facebook Tip: Control privacy with a Friends List

A friends list is a way to group people together. Once you have a friends list you can use it in various ways, such as restricting certain portions of your profile to certain groups of friends. This is a great feature because it puts you in control of what certain groups of people can see. Continue reading


Wastebook – is Facebook a waste of time?

Last night I was randomly reading through friends’ status updates out loud to my husband. Things like what someone cooked for dinner,  a shared picture of a newly acquired article of clothing, a YouTube video.  He commented, “what a waste”. Well you see the hubs is not on Facebook and has never used the service. … Continue reading

Oscars, a few weeks late

I’m such a movie geek that I set my DVR to record the Oscar broadcast since I’d be away on vacation.  And then watched the entire ceremony once I got back.  I’d avoided watching or reading the news while I was away so I would still be surprised when they announced the winners.  Although as … Continue reading

WordPress Custom Menus

Before I left on vacation, I learned a new feature: adding a custom menu.  I was trying to figure out a way to put a blog post into my main navigation menu.  After watching Morten Rand-Hendriksen’s chapter on Custom Menus in WordPress3 Essential Training, I dug into the Menus option. I wanted a sub-menu item … Continue reading

Back to Life, Back to Reality

The first day back to work after a vacation is always the hardest.  But what got me through the morning commute in the rain, the 250+ e-mails in my inbox, and an afternoon headache, were thoughts of my recent vacation to Turks & Caicos. Ahhhh…… A relaxing time was had by all.