Oscars, a few weeks late

I’m such a movie geek that I set my DVR to record the Oscar broadcast since I’d be away on vacation.  And then watched the entire ceremony once I got back.  I’d avoided watching or reading the news while I was away so I would still be surprised when they announced the winners.  Although as usual there generally weren’t too many surprises.  Here are some of my thoughts on the show…

So many movies, so little time to see them all

Black SwanTen movies vying for Best Picture, and I had only seen 4 of them (Toy Story 3, Inception, Winter’s Bone, and Black Swan).  They need to get these all out on DVD before the ceremony so we can all root for our favorites based on being able to actually see all 10! This was usually not a problem when there were only 5  in the category, as you could rent most and maybe catch the rest in the theaters.  But seriously how can anyone afford to go to the movies that often these days, we rely on Netflix for the rest!

I still love you James Franco

James FrancoBut….well, it seemed like he was reprising his role in Pineapple Express for much of the show.  He didn’t seem all that comfortable up there.  I guess that an Oscar nomination, a role on a soap opera and several master’s degrees just aren’t indicators of talent as an award-show host.   Still looking forward to seeing 127 Hours.

Love you too, Colin

Colin Firth is a class act.  And a great actor.  And easy on the eyes.  I thought his was one of the best acceptance speeches.  (Will need to go see King’s Speech soon.)

Time to see some documentaries

The Inside JobI did actually see one of the nominees in this category, Exit through the Gift Shop, and I guess there was a bit of a drama surrounding the movie’s creator, Bansky, and whether he would show up.  (And sorry J.T. your joke didn’t quite work).  One good thing about watching these awards shows is learning about some of these lesser-seen movies.  Just put Inside Job on my list.

Well guess that’s it, let’s hope Billy Crystal’s schedule opens up for next year.