Wastebook – is Facebook a waste of time?

Is Facebook a Waste of Time?

Last night I was randomly reading through friends’ status updates out loud to my husband. Things like what someone cooked for dinner,  a shared picture of a newly acquired article of clothing, a YouTube video.  He commented, “what a waste”.

Well you see the hubs is not on Facebook and has never used the service.  So I guess to someone with no frame of reference these mundane tidbits of information about people’s lives may seem insignificant and a waste of time to read through.

I disagree.  These little random thoughts from friends and family often make me laugh, smile, think, nod in agreement, and yes, maybe sometimes roll my eyes.  Every now and then I’m inspired.  And every now and then a shared thought leads to an online conversation and maybe even a plan to actually get together.   So I wouldn’t necessarily call it a waste of time.

I guess it’s all in how you look at it.  What do you think?

(Oh I guess I didn’t actually coin the phrase Wastebook.  Bummer).