Posted in April 2011

Facebook Security Tip – Login Notifications

Login Notifications are an opt-in security feature where alerts are sent to you each time your account is accessed from a new device. A little bit confusing to figure out but beneficial, especially if you access Facebook from a shared location such as computer at the local library, school, etc. Continue reading

Top Five Driving Songs

It’s surprising that I haven’t posted anything here at all about music. Let’s remedy that right here, right now.  Don’t you think there are certain songs that just lend themselves to being blasted on the highest volume tolerable to human ears while speeding driving down the road, street or highway?  The funny thing about these … Continue reading

Facebook Security Tip – Browse using HTTPS

(Updated 9/14/2011) So there are a few new (to me) features in Facebook intended to improve security.  The first one I thought I’d mention is using https  – that’s hyper text transfer protocol, with an S at the end of it for secure. What is HTTPS? You probably know that web site addresses start with … Continue reading

Cocoa Meringues

I received a nice compliment from a friend today, saying if this whole web thing doesn’t work out for me I could open a bakery!  I had shared a few cocoa meringues with her family and they have been previous recipients of my Peppermint Bark and Peanut Butter Brownies.  So I thought I’d share the … Continue reading