Facebook Security Tip – Browse using HTTPS

(Updated 9/14/2011)

So there are a few new (to me) features in Facebook intended to improve security.  The first one I thought I’d mention is using https  – that’s hyper text transfer protocol, with an S at the end of it for secure.

What is HTTPS?

You probably know that web site addresses start with http://.  So when you see an “S” at the end, that means that the web site is using a secure connection to keep information safe as it is transferred over the Internet.  This is especially important when doing things like online shopping or banking or any time you are sending private information to a web site.   When you are doing a transaction with a web site and you are entering your credit card information, or social security number, or anything like that, look up in the address bar to make sure you see the httpS and/or a key icon.  Here’s how it looks in a few different web browsers.  (These are the browsers I have running on my laptop, using Windows 7):

Address bar showing how https is indicated in several browsers - IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox

How do I configure HTTPS in Facebook?

You can tell Facebook to always use https whenever available.  Note that sometimes you cannot use https, for instance in certain applications (such as Scrabble or other games).

  1. Go to Account Account Settings at the upper right of the page.
  2. Click Security and then click Edit next to the first option – Secure Browsing.
  3. Put a check mark next to “Browse Facebook on a secure connection (https) when possible” (shown below).
  4. Click Save Changes.

Facebook screenshot of the Secure Browsing settings in security

That’s it.  Be aware that if you switch to regular http for a game, or some other area or Facebook that isn’t secure, and then go back to the Facebook home page, you will not automatically go back to using https.  You can type in the “s” in the address bar.  And next time you visit Facebook it should automatically revert to https for secure browsing.  If it doesn’t, then log out and then log back in and you should be secure again.

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3 thoughts on “Facebook Security Tip – Browse using HTTPS

  1. So helpful. I did not have mine checked. Do I also want to check “send an email if someone logs in etc ….”?

    • I would recommend checking that too. I plan to write more about that new option also so stay tuned for more info. Glad you found this tip helpful!

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