Posted in May 2011

My tagline is a misnomer

When I set up my blog I created the tagline “Random thoughts, Facebook tips and WordPress evolution” to describe the topics I was writing about.  Let’s see how I’m doing. Random Thoughts – A few. Facebook tips – A bunch. WordPress Evolution – uh, one post? Woops. I could say my WordPress evolution is complete. … Continue reading

Not Everything is Easy

Some things are hard to do.  That doesn’t mean that they cannot be accomplished.  But they may involve some work; a little elbow grease.  Some practice, determination and dedication. But it seems in our society, we want it all, we want to be experts but we don’t want to break a sweat.  Like the people … Continue reading

Mother/Daughter Day

        See that nice picture up there of the bridge spanning the Piscataqua river between New Hampshire and Maine? That photo was taken by my 10-year old daughter on our recent fun-filled “Mother-Daughter Day”.  We made crepes for breakfast, went shopping, had lunch and dinner out, got our nails done, and bopped around downtown … Continue reading

Chocolate-Dipped Macaroons

Yum another cookie post! I made these a few weeks ago for a mini-Seder which I decided to host at the last-minute.  The rest of my menu was pretty simple and I relied on a few store-bought and prepared items but decided to make these from scratch.  Weird I know, usually I’d prepare the actual … Continue reading