My tagline is a misnomer

When I set up my blog I created the tagline “Random thoughts, Facebook tips and WordPress evolution” to describe the topics I was writing about.  Let’s see how I’m doing.

  • Random Thoughts – A few.
  • Facebook tips – A bunch.
  • WordPress Evolution – uh, one post?


I could say my WordPress evolution is complete.  I have figured out the majority of features (or at least the ones that don’t cost $) on the hosted version.  I’ve downloaded the self-hosted version to my computer and played with a few themes and plug-ins  I suppose the next step would be to really dig into customizing themes.  I’ll probably do that once I pursue updating my husband’s website and creating a new one for his new band.  I can envision both of those as WordPress sites and setting those up will turn me into a WordPress guru.

I’m not planning to write much more about WordPress (there are already a lot of bloggers doing that) so I need a new tagline.  Any suggestions?