Fun time: A mother and a daughter’s perspective

Hi everybody! My name is Chippy (a.k.a. the blogger’s daughter) and today me and my mom are going to give our opinions on various fun activities and questions. I’m 10 and my mom is, well, let’s just say in her 40’s. Ok, let’s start!

Chippy and Jean

1: You have one day to spend with your best friend. What would you do?

Chippy – Well, first, I would make crepes with my friend. Then, we would probably make up a dance because that’s what we do. We then would maybe make videos with my friend’s sister called Chippy Longstocking videos! After that, we would probably go out to lunch and after that maybe go bowling. Almost done! Next, we would hang out, have a nice dinner outside, watch a movie, and stay up for hours chatting! That’s my dream day with my friend!

Jean – A perfect day with my friend would start with a few cups of coffee and some conversation.  Then perhaps we’d head out to a yoga class, or a long walk near the ocean or a trail in the woods or some other beautiful location.  After some window shopping and lunch at a downtown cafe, we’d go for some pampering and relaxation at a day spa, maybe get massages or facials.  After a little downtime we’d head out for a dinner and drinks, perhaps meet with up with some other friends.  We’d stay up late and laugh a lot!

2: You have to pick a veggie, fruit, and animal to be for the day. What kind of veggie, fruit, or animal would you be and why?

Chippy – I would be an olive for my veggie because I really love olives and they’re really salty. Also, people could put me on their fingers! For my fruit I would be a starfruit because I like the shape of the starfruit and i could walk if I was a starfruit. Finally, i would be a woodchuck because woodchucks are really cute, they have an EPIC home, and I like their style of life.

Jean – For my veggie, I’d be a spaghetti squash because they are kind of funky and unexpected.  For fruit I would choose to be an apple, because most people like apples, and I’m a people-pleaser. Some are sweet and some are tart, like my moods.  As for an animal, i would choose to be a crayfish so I could jump into the tank with our pet crayfish and get to know here a little bit better.

3: Which famous person would play you in a movie and why?

Chippy – I think Joey King should play me in a movie because she sort of looks like me and she sort of sounds like she would have my personality. She sounds like she would play my role sharp and perfect and she would really get my character!

Jean – I would choose to have Diane Lane portray me in the movie of my life.  She’s about my age and looks great, and she seems like she’d be down-to-earth.  She’s a great actress so she could pull off the complexities of the role!  Oh, and I would cast John Cusack as my husband 🙂


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  1. Cool, I happen to have an innocent crush on Diane Lane so she would be a good choice for my wife.

    -your husband

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