Posted in September 2011

Pretty Much the Best Brownies Ever

One of my first posts on this blog featured some brownies I made.  They were pretty good. But why stick with “pretty good” when you can have “pretty much the best brownies ever”. Caveat – if you don’t like peanut butter, you may not agree.  But not many people I know can resist the chocolate/peanut-butter … Continue reading

Facebook new features explained

Since I don’t have time to write about these new features myself, I’ve scoured the web for some resources created by people who do have the time!  Here are two I recommend. If you have 10 minutes to spare, this video is helpful.  And I like his Aussie accent. Another great resource, not just for … Continue reading

Facebook Tip – status updates from a mobile device

Just as I was about to start posting more information about the recent Facebook updates like Lists and Notifications, today they launched another major change. So now the News Feed on the home page looks and functions completely differently with Top Stories, and a “ticker” on the right side.  It has caused a minor uproar … Continue reading

Facebook Privacy Settings Updated

Facebook has made some changes to privacy settings.  I will be writing more about these in some future posts, and will also be updating some of my previous entries as the screen shots are now outdated.  There are a few new features (like the ability to review tags before they go live, like if a friend tags … Continue reading

YouTube Safety Mode

In a previous post I wrote about trying to keep kids safe on social networking sites, to the extent that is possible.  But what about YouTube? Seems like my 10-year old and her friends like to search on YouTube for songs that they like.  Can parents prevent their kids from seeing “R” rated content on YouTube? … Continue reading