Facebook Tip – New Options When You Post an Update

I’m going to try to write each day this week about the recent Facebook changes. Well, maybe every other day.  I’ll start with the new Status Update box.  There are three new features:

  1. Change privacy settings on-the-fly.
  2. Tag the people with you.
  3. Add your location.

Here are some details on these options.

Change Privacy Settings when you post an update, picture or link

This new feature is a welcome change because it is now easier to target a particular post to certain people.  I explained this earlier (I’ll need to re-write due to these changes).   Essentially you now have the same tools front and center, without having to search for them.  And, the first time you use the new feature Facebook will present you with little pop-ups explaining what’s new and providing you links to more information.  How helpful!

Now each time you write an update, you can choose the privacy settings.  It will default to the settings you last used.  The default is usually Friends.  You can click the button to choose one of the other choices – Public, Custom, and then lists.  Facebook has created several lists for you such as Close Friends, Family, and Restricted.  You can also create your own lists.  This screenshot shows a status update set to be shared with Friends.

Facebook status update being shared with friends

Tag the People you are with your post

Facebook has added a button you can use to show who are with.  Why do this? I’m not sure; I haven’t used it.  But I’ve seen people use it to say things like hey everyone, look at me, I’m out at this cool place with all my cool friends!

To use this feature, click the little icon (circled below) and you’ll see the words “Who are you with?”.  Start typing a friend’s name, then select it.  It will show up above the icon.  You can then start typing another name if you’re the popular type out with a bunch of friends.

Add who is with you to a Facebook post

Add your current location to your post

Taking our example one step further, you can add a location to your post.  Click the next icon over, or just hover your mouse over the blank gray area next to the icon and you can add your current location. You can add either a city or a specific place. So now we can tell the world, hey me and my friend Jennifer are out having sushi!

Facebook status update with a location added

If you want to remove your current city, hover and click the “x”.  If you want to remove your exact location (in this case, Shio, a restaurant I highly recommend!) you have to click the little icon again and then remove from there.  You can’t (at least I couldn’t) just click inside the status update box and delete the words.  Same thing goes if you want to remove your friend’s name.

Well, that’s a summary of the recent changes to the Status update box. Privacy settings are now within reach each time you post.  Learn more from Facebook about choosing who you share with.


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