Facebook Tip – status updates from a mobile device

Just as I was about to start posting more information about the recent Facebook updates like Lists and Notifications, today they launched another major change. So now the News Feed on the home page looks and functions completely differently with Top Stories, and a “ticker” on the right side.  It has caused a minor uproar out there in Facebook-land.  People are threatening to quit Facebook and start using Google+.  It’s kind of like when a new administration takes charge in Washington every 4 or 8 years and the malcontents threaten to move to Canada.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up on my blogging about these Facebook changes unless I quit my day job! Luckily there are plenty of people blogging about the changes and of course Facebook’ attempt to explain it.

So for now I’m just going to add-on to my post from a few days ago about status updates. The same new features are also available on the iPhone/iPod app.  Here’s what the status update box looks like now:

Screenshot of the Update Status entry box on iPod Facebook app

Screenshot of the Update Status entry box on iPod Facebook app

The icons are the same as those on the web site – with the added camera icon you can use to upload a photo from your phone/iPod.  For the location tagging to work (the 2nd icon from the left) you do need to enable location services on your mobile device.

If you don’t see these on your phone or iPod, go to the app store and update to the most recent version of the app (version 3.5 as of this writing).

Okay perhaps I will take a little break from Facebook for my next few posts.  Really I do walk away from the computer…sometimes.