Parental Control Resources for iPod, iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac

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Last week for my birthday I got a new iPhone! Never one to be an early adopter this is my first smart phone. (How unusual for someone who works in the tech industry.) Now that I have an iPhone my daughter has inherited my iPod touch. I know that many of her friends also own an iPod touch. They all have access to the Internet, FaceTime, YouTube and other applications. I figured there are other parents out there who may be wondering along with me, are there any parental control options available on these devices? So I did a bit of research and am sharing the links here. I’m also including links to resources for similar features on regular old desktops and laptops in both PC and Mac flavors.

Kids using iPods

Kids using iPods

Parental Controls on iDevices

Parental Controls on the PC

Windows 7

Parental Controls on the MAC

Other Family Internet Safety Links and Resources

Let me know in the comments if you know of other resources that I can include here, or if you would like to hear about any of these in more detail in future posts.


7 thoughts on “Parental Control Resources for iPod, iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac

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  2. For PC parental controls–I have four kids, 3 of whom are teens–we are very concerned with the amount of computer time our kids have, as well as bad content they might access. We have used several software solutions beyond what Windows offers, and I can wholeheartedly recommend KidsWatch. It is more flexible, easier to use, and so far, whenever my son tries some new hacking technique, KidsWatch has an answer to it. One of the best qualities of this program is that it controls all use of the computer–hours per day, games stored on hard drive, etc. I set up a separate Windows account called “Basics”–it only accesses stuff the kids need for homework like Word or PowerPoint, their school website, checking their library card, and stuff like that. It is available anytime. On their personal accounts they have time limits as well as internet filtering . This way I don’t end up hassling with “I’m out of time on my account and I haven’t done my homework yet!”

    • Thanks for the suggestion, I will check it out. I like that idea of a “basic” account that they can use for homework, etc. without the time restrictions – I can definitely see how that would be useful in my household as well!

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