My One Year Blog Anniversary

Red Rose Happy Anniversary to  Me!

I published my first post on a whim, back on January 29, 2011.  Since then, I’ve:

  • Published 46 posts
  • Received 37 comments
  • Had 2,700 page views
  • Added 49 followers (8 through the blog – hi! – and the rest because I started posting automatically on Twitter)

Wow! Thanks everyone!

So, I’ve been blogging for a year.  It started as a way to learn about blog software such as WordPress.  And I think I have met that goal.

What Now?

In the next few months I will be setting up a new website/blog where I can focus on the topics that I’ve gravitated to on this blog.  That is, techie advice for those who want to learn more about parental controls on computers and devices, internet safety and security tips, Facebook how-to’s and stuff like that.  Those are the pages on this site that seem to generate the most traffic and that I find myself writing about most often.  I’ll promote the new blog a bit more than this one and it will have a “unique” web address (instead of  I’m still working out the details.  But stay tuned and I hope you’ll join me on the new site too.

What about Deep Thoughts?

Well I will probably keep this as my “personal” blog so I still have a place for sharing recipes, music, rants and raves.  I’ll move or copy the “office” category articles over to the new site.

Well thanks again to those who read, subscribe, follow and comment!

~ Jean


4 thoughts on “My One Year Blog Anniversary

  1. Happy anniversary Jean! Didn’t know it had been a year so I will have to go back and read some of the old ones… liz

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