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Be Web Smart – new website

Be Web Smart – new website

I recently launched my new website, Be Web Smart. I mentioned my plan a few months ago and the idea is now a reality! If you have come to this page from a search engine after searching for things like “parental controls for iPod”, “ipod parental controls on youtube”, “windows live family safety” or “Facebook notifications” – please check out the new site! It has all that you are looking for and more. Continue reading

Parental Controls for your Tech Toys

Parental Controls for your Tech Toys

Find an updated version of this post at Be Web Smart. Judging from the search engine terms that are bringing people to this blog, I’m guessing that Santa brought lots of tech toys to all the good little (and not so little) girls and boys out there. Here are some of the questions I’m seeing … Continue reading

How to Save a Copy of your Facebook data

Did you know that you can download and save a copy of all the information you’ve posted to Facebook?  Well you can and I’m going to walk your through the steps. Find an updated version of this post at Be Web Smart. Why Download your Facebook Data? Backup for photos that you might have uploaded … Continue reading

YouTube Safety Mode

In a previous post I wrote about trying to keep kids safe on social networking sites, to the extent that is possible.  But what about YouTube? Seems like my 10-year old and her friends like to search on YouTube for songs that they like.  Can parents prevent their kids from seeing “R” rated content on YouTube? … Continue reading

Facebook Security Tip – Browse using HTTPS

(Updated 9/14/2011) So there are a few new (to me) features in Facebook intended to improve security.  The first one I thought I’d mention is using https  – that’s hyper text transfer protocol, with an S at the end of it for secure. What is HTTPS? You probably know that web site addresses start with … Continue reading