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Be Web Smart – new website

Be Web Smart – new website

I recently launched my new website, Be Web Smart. I mentioned my plan a few months ago and the idea is now a reality! If you have come to this page from a search engine after searching for things like “parental controls for iPod”, “ipod parental controls on youtube”, “windows live family safety” or “Facebook notifications” – please check out the new site! It has all that you are looking for and more. Continue reading


The Best Parental Control Tool? Parents

So I’ve written a bit about parental control resources meant to keep kids safe online.  All of these available restrictions and software add-ons are useful tools.  But none of them are useful without the guidance of parents. And there’s always been something about the term “parental control” that bothered me.  Do we really want to … Continue reading

YouTube Safety Mode

In a previous post I wrote about trying to keep kids safe on social networking sites, to the extent that is possible.  But what about YouTube? Seems like my 10-year old and her friends like to search on YouTube for songs that they like.  Can parents prevent their kids from seeing “R” rated content on YouTube? … Continue reading